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Sustainable Genoa

The city of Genoa is committed to ensuring the safety of residents and tourists, protecting the natural and cultural resources of popular destinations, decreasing pollution at tourist sites, and managing change for the well-being of communities.

All of our member hotels implement actions to encourage more sustainable and environmentally friendly travel by meeting sustainability criteria.

In Genoa, move in full freedom!

Genoa guarantees full sustainable mobility! In fact, one of the challenges launched includes taking into account the environmental impact of tourism-related transportation. In addition, Treecycle electric bike services, and MiMoto and Zig Zag electric scooters, are always available!

The city of Genoa has been selected as the lead partner in a new partnership within the European Urban Agenda, focused on sustainable tourism-an important recognition that in fact propels Genoa into a dimension of relationships at the highest level. An initiative of the European Commission created to address the problems of cities, which consists of an exchange of strategies between partners to study the economic, social and environmental aspects of the impact of tourism on European cities, implement their connection and the global debate on the topic, recognizing tourism as a growth factor and actively involving local governments, citizens and businesses.

For sustainable and conscious tourism:


food for good

ConventionBureauGenova together with its Members, joins FoorForGood:

Food for Good is a project to combat food waste that arose in 2018 from the partnership between Federcongressi&Eventi, the association that brings together businesses in the Italian meetings industry, and the non-profit organizations Banco Alimentare and Equoevento. To date, it is among the best practices on the EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste.


For sustainable and conscious tourism:

 ConventionBureau Genova joins the CBItalia’s project centers on a topic, sustainability, that has always had a large environmental and social impact.

Download and consult the GuideBook about sostainable events